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Welcome to Fresh Social Media, our dedicated social media department! Here at Fresh Social Media, we are pleased to offer you three fantastic packages to help kick start, boost or excel your digital marketing campaigns. Social Media is the 21st Century’s answer to marketing and here are some statistics to show you why. As of July 2015, the internet had 3.17 billion users, with 2.3 billion active users on social media. Internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts, with the number of social media users rising by 176 million in the last year. With over 1.95 billion active users over Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can you afford to not use social media to market your business? Social Media has never been a better platform to promote your business and products to a wider audience.

Fresh Social Media can help you to utilise social media in the right ways for your business.

Social Media is no longer an option, don’t let your business become one either.

Social Media Platforms


Social Media Marketing Packages:

Our Social Media Packages offer everything from ensuring your business is looking alive and active all the way to a full customer service level support and interaction with existing or prospect customers.

Having a presence

  £100 set up cost
  £100 per month
  2-3 weekly tweets
  2 weekly Facebook posts
  Monthly reports

Connecting with your audience

  £150 set up cost
  £150 per month
  3-4 weekly tweets
  3 weekly Facebook posts
  Checking of notifications and messages and forwarding to client
  Monthly reports

Connect, Build and Care

  £250 set up cost
  £250 per month
  1 daily tweet
  3 weekly Facebook posts
  Daily checking of notifications and messages and forwarding to client
  Weekly reports
  Social Insight Audience Targeting
  Engagement and interaction with followers
  Customer service level responses to interactions
  Full social media marketing strategy


Set up includes:
Creation of social accounts where applicable

Social profile make overs and profile completeness

*Prices based on a minimum 12 month contract

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